Forbes Blog: The Great Power of Connecting Passion with Purpose

Hello! Trust that 2015 is off to a good start for you. I am grateful for an unique opportunity that was presented to me at the start of 2015 to co-write a Forbes Blog post with Professor Karl Moore at McGill University. The title of this post is “The Great Power of Connecting Passion with Purpose”. Thought I’ll share this with you as it may give you an opportunity to reflect on your how your passion has evolved to shape your purpose.

We have drawn insights from over two decades of global experience of working with people at all levels who excel at what they do. The blog post highlights the following:
  • Starts with an interesting story of an emerging leader in his early thirties who has re-discovered his passion and is now able to give his best self to others
  • Outlines some key questions to reflect on “your story”
  • Provides a structure to assess where you are today and how do you chart a path towards making a bigger impact
  • Insights for transitioning from a “not so exciting” day job to something that one is passionate about
  • Thoughts from four senior executives that were interviewed
We hope you enjoy reading it! If it connects with you, please feel free to share with others in your network.
All the very best in 2015!